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Optical Illusions (page 2)


Be sure to check out page 1 of the optical illusions for some of my favorites.  And there'll be many new illusions coming soon.


Added 9/26/10.  Look at the little oval-shaped objects.  It appears that they are jiggling up and down as the vertical lines move across the picture.  But this is just an illusion.  The oval-shaped objects are NOT moving at all.  You just get the impression that they are.


Added 12/9/11.  Watch the lines move back and forth.  It appears that one group of lines is red and one group of lines is orange.  But this is not the case.
Both groups of lines are exactly the same color.  This becomes evident when the groups of lines intersect and meet one another.  When this happens it becomes clear that both sets of lines are the exact same color.


Added 2/15/12.  This is incredibly cool.  Look at this picture.  It appears that this could be a picture of a face with a helmet that goes all the way around the face.  But look at the image for a few minutes and see if you can see something else in the image.  If you have trouble with this, look specifically at the face.

Give up?  The image of the face is not really of a face.  Look closely at it and you'll see that it is an image of TWO people looking at each other.  Don't see it?  Just look closely at it and hopefully you'll see the real image of the TWO people.


Added 12/19/10.  This is very cool.  Look at the outer ring of dots.  You'll see that these dots are black and white .  You'll also notice that these dots are constantly moving up and down.  Here's the amazing part - they are not moving at all!!!  That's right, this outer ring of dots never changes its position.
What is actually happening is that these dots are just changing their color.  They are constantly changing from white to black, and then back to white again.  When this color change happens it gives the illusion that the dots are moving.  But I assure you, the dots are never moving.


Added 1/23/11.  This image alternates between 3 identical images that keep changing colors.  One image has multiple colors, one is just black and white, and one is black/white with gray colored buildings.  Below are the instructions to make this optical illusion work.
Wait until the image with the gray colored building appears. Directly in the center of the image is a tiny red dot.  I hope you can see it.  (There's an arrow that points to it.)  If you can't see the red dot, just look directly in the center of the image.  Within a few seconds the image will become filled with a variety of colors.  Just stare directly at that little red dot for about 10 more seconds.  (There's a tiny counter that will count down to zero, if you can see it.)  After 10 seconds the image will change to the black and white image.
And here's the cool part!  Even though the image will be just black and white, you won't see it that way.  You'll actually see this black and white image with light shades of color.  But believe it or not, these light colors are NOT there.  But it sure looks like the colors are there.
This is caused by the after effect of looking at the multi-colored image.
(Note: these light shades of color will only be visible for a few seconds.  Hopefully you'll see them.  If not, try again by waiting for the image to switch from colored to black and white.)


Added 2/1/11.  Look at the little pink ovals.  As this image constantly moves you'll get the impression that the little pink ovals keep shrinking.  But they're not.  The size of the pink ovals never change.  You just get the impression that they keep shrinking.


Added 3/21/10.  Another cool rotating illusion.  Watch the ferris wheel.  It appears to be rotating in one direction.  But if you simply stare at it, it will suddenly start to rotate in the "opposite" direction.  Look at it for a while again, and it will switch back to rotating in its original direction.
Believe it or not, this ferris wheel is ALWAYS rotating in just one direction.  It just appears to switch directions.


Added 2/15/12.  You will first notice a faint yellow background.  In the center of this is the outline of a heart.  The heart is drawn using a black color.  You should also see a BRIGHTER yellow border going around the heart.  But here's the amazing part.  This brighter yellow border does not exist.  You just get the impression that it is there.
But I assure you.  Only two colors are used in this illusion; the faint yellow background and the black outline of a heart.


A.  sss


Added 8/25/12.  If you look at this image, it might appear to be rotating clockwise.  But look again.  It also appears to be rotating COUNTER-clockwise.
This is very cool because it can appear to rotate in either direction depending on how you look at it.



Added 10/2/10.  If you look at this image you will see a red dot and some very light diagonal lines.  Now try staring DIRECTLY at the red dot.  Don't look at anything except the red dot.  The diagonal lines should slowly start to disappear, leaving nothing but the red dot.  (For this to work, you must really focus and concentrate only on the red dot.  You may have to stare at the red dot for about 10 or more seconds.  But be careful - the instant you take your eyes off of the red dot, the diagonal lines will reappear.)


Added 2/15/12.  Look at the two hearts.  When the background colors are there it sure looks like the two hearts are exactly the same color.  But guess what?  They are not the same color.
This becomes evident when the background colors disappear.  Without the background colors you'll clearly see that one heart is purple and one is blue.


Added 1/12/09.  Let me first explain what you're looking at.  There is a purple square and inside of it is a spinning gray object.  Inside of this spinning gray object is a circle  Now here's what you should do - focus on the white dot in the center of this picture.  While you're doing this you'll still see the circle.  What color is the circle?  Most people would say that the circle is purple (or a shade of purple).  It's not!  Believe it or not, the color of the circle is not purple - its color is gray.  To be more precise, the circle's color is the exact same shade of gray as the spinning object.  (If you need proof that it's gray, here's what you should do.  Focus on exactly one of the spinning wings of the gray object.  As you're doing this you'll hopefully be able to see that the wing and circle are the same shade of gray.).


Added 1/12/09.  This is similar to one of the previous rotating illusions.  Watch the entire object rotate around.  At times it will appear to rotate in a clockwise direction, and other times it will appear to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction.  However, the reality is that this object is ALWAYS turning in just one direction.  It just appears to change directions based on which colored dots you watch.  To understand this, focus on one red dot and watch this dot go around.  When watching this one red dot, the entire object appears to rotate counter-clockwise.  But now focus on one yellow dot.  When watching this yellow dot, the entire object appears to rotate in the opposite direction (clockwise).  And sometimes the entire object seems to just change directions without you doing anything.  Pretty cool.


Added 6/2/13.  Focus your eyes directly in the exact center of this picture.  You should see a blinking blueish/greenish dot in the center, along with 3 yellow dots and a bunch of blue crosses moving around.  To make this work, try not to look directly at a yellow dot.  Simply keep focusing on the blinking blueish/greenish dot exact center of this picture.  If you do this correctly, after about 10-20 seconds you'll actually see the yellow dots disappear.  You might only see one yellow dot disappear.  But if you really focus on the center, you may see all 3 yellow dots disappear.  The cool thing is that the yellow dots never vanish - they are always there.  You just get the impression that they vanish.  (Another way to view this optical illusion is to stare at exactly one of the yellow dots.  Within about 5-15 seconds the other two yellow dots will seem to vanish.)


Added 6/1/13.  Doesn't it look like a white square is moving around inside the yellow squares?
In reality, there is no white square.  It is just a collection of white "lines" that are moving around.



Added 6/1/14.  Is the orange circle changing sizes?  It sure looks like it is.  But it actually is ALWAYS  the same size.


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