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"Magic By Mail" program
Get magic sets each month in the mail
There are magic sets for ages 5-12, plus more advanced options for adults & teens.  (Just click in the box that is appropriate for your age.).

Introducing Gary’s "Magic by Mail” monthly program.  It's a program where you can get a different magic set each month in the mail.
How does this work?  It's simple.  Each month I will send you a magic set containing approximately 8 high-quality challenges.  I'll also include online video instructions of me teaching each trick.  And the cost is only $19-$22 per month (with free shipping). 

These tricks will always be completely different than those given at my park district magic classes.  So if you currently take my park district classes, you can do both the park district classes AND this mail-order magic.  The tricks will never be the same.  Plus this mail order program allows you to learn magic in the comfort of your own home.

Give it a try.  You can sign up to receive the tricks for just one month . . . or you can sign up to get new tricks each and every month. 
Simply call or email me if you are interested in starting this (or if you would like more information on this program).
Commonly Asked Questions
What is the cost of this "Magic by Mail" program, and how do I join and pay for it?
Cost for just one month is $22. . . . Cost for 3 months is $20 per month. . . . Cost for 6 months is $19 per month.
And shipping is completely FREE.  That's right ... there are no shipping charges.

Please call or email me to join this program and for payment options.  I am at (847)624-6244 or
Will the tricks be different than the ones that you teach at my local park district?
Yes.  The tricks that I mail you will always be completely different than the ones that I give out at my park district classes.  You will never get the same tricks!  So if you want magic on a more regular basis, you'll definitely want to do my park district classes AND this mail order program.
What is in the magic sets, and when will I receive them?
Each set will have approximately 8 high quality tricks and challenges in them.  You'll get store-bought tricks, card tricks, coin tricks, brainteasers, optical illusions, and much more magic.  And these sets will be mailed to you the first week of each month.
Can I just try it once to see if I like it?
Absolutely.  If you want to sample the program, you can pay for just one month.  No commitment needed.  And if you're having fun, you can then sign up for multiple months (for cost savings).  Or you can continue to order one month at a time.
How will children learn the tricks, and what ages are the tricks appropriate for?
I have online videos of me teaching each trick.  There will be no difficult instructions to read, and the videos will walk children step-by-step through everything.  And the tricks are great for ages 5-12.  (I also have more advanced sets for adults and teenagers.  Click here to go to the more advanced magic for adults and teenagers.)
Should I keep signing up for magic classes if I take them at my local park district?
Absolutely.  Since these "Magic by Mail" tricks are always different than the tricks given at the park districts, I encourage you to keep going to the park district each time they offer my class.  These “Magic by Mail" tricks are not meant to replace the park district classes.  They are meant for children that want more and more magic.
Why are you offering this program?
Three reasons:
(1) There are very few places for children to buy magic nowadays.  So this program allows children a way to get magic on a regular basis.
(2) If you get a magic set from somewhere else, the tricks may not be age-appropriate and the written instructions are often very difficult to understand.  This frustrates many children and causes some to quit learning the tricks.  To prevent this from happening, I wanted to design a program where children could learn magic in a fun and easy way at home.
(3) Children always tell me that they can't wait for my next park district class.  But the wait between my classes is sometimes a few months.  Or sometimes the classes are held on a night that you can't attend.  Now children won't have to wait a long time for new tricks, since this program allows them to get new magic each month.
What are Gary's qualifications as a magic teacher?
I currently teach magic classes at over 135 park districts. I have been teaching these classes for over 15 years, and have taught magic to over 70,000 children.  My teaching style is very kid-friendly, and I make sure to always provide fun and age-appropriate tricks.  And in addition to teaching how the tricks work, I also explain how to perform the tricks in front of others by carefully going over the words to say when performing in front of an audience.  I am also a school social worker during the day. . . . . . . (847)624-6244