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Video Instructions for the "Magic by Mail" Kids Sets

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To watch the videos, just click on their links and type in their passwords.  Some tricks may also have an "advanced" video.  This advanced video will show harder ways to do the trick, or other things that you can do with the trick.  But before you watch an advanced video, make sure you first watch the regular video with the secret.  Additionally, if a trick doesn't work or you need extra help, please call or email me for extra assistance.

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Magic Set 1  (video passwords are in magic sets)

Click here for an intro to your magic sets.

- Pen changes a penny into a dime
  trick  secret
- Magical card box  trick  secret  advanced
- Card trick - middle card switch
  trick  secret  advanced
- 15 to 14 men
  trick  secret
- Rubber band jumps between fingers  trick  secret  advanced
- Ring on spring  trick  secret
- Remove coin from glass (sticks)
  trick  secret
- Optical illusion - count the arrows  trick  secret
- Optical illusion - funny looking picture  trick  secret
- Brainteaser - throwing the ball  trick  secret

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Magic Set 2  (video passwords are in magic sets)

Set 2 has a different password than set 1.

- Magic coin base  trick  secret  advanced
- Vanishing deck  trick  secret  advanced
- Know total of 3 stacked dice  trick  secret
- Card trick - writing words on a card  trick  secret
- Connect paperclips with dollar  trick  secret  advanced
- Make arrow point in other direction (chips)  trick  secret
- Glasses on tray challenge  trick  secret
- Optical illusion - picture of fruits  trick  secret
- Optical illusion - sizes of tabletops  trick  secret
- Brainteaser - about the mailbox  trick  secret

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Magic Set 3  (video passwords are in magic sets)
- Flower changes color  trick  secret  advanced
- Hook balances on finger (devil's hook)  trick  secret
- Card trick - 2 card monte  trick  secret  advanced
- Know their selected number  trick  secret
- Rope through leg  trick  secret
- Remove 2 sticks to make 2 squares  trick  secret
- Animal hunter  trick  secret
- Optical illusion - gray circle appears  trick  secret
- Optical illusion - which arrow darker  trick  secret
Magic Set 4  (video passwords are in magic sets)
- Money pad
  trick  secret
- Connect the 2 rings  trick  secret
- Card trick - ace of diamonds to hearts  trick  secret  advanced
- Coin trick - Turn one coin into many coins  trick  secret  advanced
- Try to wiggle finger pointed to
  trick  secret
- Turn the triangle into a square (chips)  trick  secret
- T puzzle  trick  secret
- Optical illusion - which person is the tallest  trick  secret
- Optical illusion - what words do you see  trick  secret
- Brainteaser - count the f's  trick  secret

Coming soon:  Preview of the tricks coming in set 5
Magic Set 5  (video passwords are in magic sets)
- Coins vanish in bag  trick  secret
- Color sense wands
  trick  secret
- Card trick - they choose 10 to 19  trick  secret
- Predict which of 3 choices will be taken  trick  secret
- Make the square puzzle
  trick  secret
- Make horse face other direction (sticks)  trick  secret
- Optical illusion - how many animals (cat & dog)  trick  secret
- Optical illusion - what is this word  trick  secret
- Brainteaser - astronaut and boy  trick  secret

Coming soon:  Preview of the tricks coming in set 6
Magic Set 6  (video passwords are in magic sets)
- Color vision
- Money vanishing papers
- Card trick - make 2 piles when they say stop
- Move 4 balls to 4 corners puzzle
- Turn glass over (coins)
- Optical illusion - How many letters can you find
- Optical illusion
- Brainteaser - running in race

Coming soon:  Preview of the tricks coming in set 7

The videos for magic sets 7 through 24 are currently being designed.
These are possible tricks
svengali deck
predicta color
rope with four ends
which spiral is bigger 
maybe 4 add up numbers with the new puzzle
maybe set 1 cannot lift finger 
make jumbo pyramid
set 1 brainiac
lock rubber band
rubber band on thumb/pinky
predicta color
interactive tricks
tv show with ridic questions
penny slide (crafthouse) 
- Card trick - turn one around
- Card trick - color change simplified
- Card trick - count 15 as 10
- Card trick - count down cards to their number
- professors nightmare
- sponge ball trick
- genie in bottle
- turning arrow
- cups and balls
- count 11 fingers as 10

- test set 9 or 10
- test set 9 or 10
- test set 9 or 10

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