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"Magic by Mail" tricks for adults & teens to learn
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).  This secret is free to learn.
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How does this program work for the adults & teens?
On this page are over 80 tricks to learn using cards, coins, rubber bands, dice, and many other items.  There are also videos on card sleights, forces, and fake shuffles.  There is NO charge to watch the videos of me showing the tricks.  Watch as many as you want for free.
But you must pay for this program if you want to watch the videos that EXPLAIN the secrets and how the tricks are done.  To watch the videos that explain the tricks, simply join my "Magic by Mail" program and I will send you the passwords to watch these secret videos.
What is the cost for adults & teens, and how do they join?
Each month you can pick any 5 tricks that you want to learn.  I don't pick the tricks ... YOU pick the ones you want to learn.  And once you tell me which 5 tricks you want to learn, I'll email you the passwords so you can watch their videos with the secrets.
Cost for just one month of this program is $22. . Cost for 3 months is $20 per month.  . Cost for 6 months is $19 per month.
(Or if you want to sample just one video to see if you like it, you can do this for $7.)
And if you want to learn more than 5 tricks per month, you can contact me and
 I will increase the number of videos you can learn to 7 per month (for only $5 more per month).  Additionally, I'll constantly be adding new videos, so keep checking for new tricks to learn.  
Please call or email me to join this program and for payment options.  I am at (847)624-6244 or


Below are the videos to watch for the adults & teens.
For each trick, just click "tr" for a free video of me showing the trick.  Click "se" for the secrets.  Click "ad" for more advanced secrets to the trick or for other things that you can do with the trick.  (Not all of the tricks have advanced videos.)
I also added a level of difficulty for each trick - easy, med (medium), and hard.  The hard tricks aren't necessarily hard to do.  They may have more steps to them, or they may simply require a bit more practice. 
Card tricks are towards the top, and coin and misc. tricks are towards the bottom.
Card Tricks
(coin, rubberband, and other tricks are at the bottom)
             These were all added in June 2018

* Predict when they stop with 2 piles - med   tr  se
4 jacks go to top of deck - med   tr  se
Predict card under an envelope - easy   tr  se
Card in one pile tells what the other cards are (5 from top) - hard   tr  se
Last 3 cards are yours (tamar) - hard   tr  se
Down flip trick (no password needed) - med   tr  se
Make piles of 13 and then know card - hard   tr  se
21 pile card trick - hard   tr  se
Find king and queen instantly - med   tr  se
Switch the card order - med   tr  se
Your card turns upside down - med   tr  se
Force card using 10 to 19 - med   tr  se
Clock card trick - hard   tr  se
Hot rod count cards - med   tr  se
Card whispers name of other cards - easy   tr  se  ad
Find card with klondike shuffle (take from top/bottom) - med   tr  se
4 aces go to top of 4 piles - med   tr  se
Learn to count 15 cards as 10 - easy   tr  se
Change card to another card (color change simplified) - easy   tr  se
Force card with the cut deeper - easy   tr  se
Flipped over card finds your card - med   tr  se
Middle card switch (treediam) - easy   tr  se  ad
Ace diamond becomes hearts - easy   tr  se  ad
Know pile they will pick (7 pile) - easy   tr  se
* Know their card with 4 by 4 matrix - easy   tr  se  ad
Key card on bottom - easy   tr  se
Criss cross force - easy   tr  se
             These were all added in June 2018

Card goes from top to bottom - easy   tr  se
* Predict card from 9 in grid - easy   tr  se
* Predict card from 5 in row - easy   tr  se
* Write words on a card - easy   tr  se
* Find the card by shuffling behind back - easy   tr  se
2 red cards become black/red - easy   tr  se  ad
3 cards in envelope become 2 - easy   tr  se
Four found behind back (pock) - easy   tr  se
Know card they turned halfway around - easy   tr  se  ad
Make card rise in the deck - easy   tr  se
* Take card from one pile and find it in another (color) - easy   tr  se
Tell black from red cards without looking - easy   tr  se
Know which card was taken (ord) - easy   tr  se  ad
Know which of 4 cards was taken (sa) - easy   tr  se

Sleight of hand techniques
Hindu shuffle - med   tr  se
Elmsley count - hard   tr  se
Glide sleight - med   tr  se
False swivel cut - med   tr  se
Top card flip over force - med   tr  se
False shuffle with 3 swivel cuts - med   tr  se
Coin and Misc. Tricks
                Coin Tricks
             These were all added in June 2018

* Hide a coin (index) - hard   tr  se
* Hide a coin (thumb) - hard   tr  se
* French drop coin sleight - hard   tr  se
* Send coins between hands
 - hard   tr  se
* Turn one coin into many coins - easy   tr  se
* Hide a coin (elbow) - easy   tr  se
Palm a coin - easy   tr  se
* Make a quarter appear to cry - easy   tr  se

                  Misc. Tricks
(ropes, rubberbands, dice, paper, etc.)

These were all added in June 2018

* Predict the sum of numbers (1089) - med   tr  se
* Pull a rope through your leg - med   tr  se
* Predict which of 3 choices will be taken - easy   tr  se
* Predict total of the roll of a die - easy   tr  se
* Know the total of 4 stacked dice - easy   tr  se
* Magic square predicts a total - easy   tr  se
* Predict color from 9 colors - easy   tr  se
* Rubberband jumps between fingers - easy   tr  se  ad
* Rubberband twirls on finger - hard   tr  se  ad
* Determine what was written on post-it without looking - easy   tr  se
* Know the crayon spectator chose - easy   tr  se
* Predict animal that is written - easy   tr  se
* 2 paperclips connect all by themselves - med   tr  se  ad
* 2 ropes connect to each other - med   tr  se
* Predict line where newspaper is cut - easy   tr  se
* Twist hands but others can't - med   tr  se
* Flip over pen but others can't - med   tr  se
* Know which of 9 ripped sheets was chosen - easy   tr  se
* Spectator knows number you think of - easy   tr  se
* Silk switches locations on rope - easy   tr  se
* Knot slides up and down rope - easy   tr  se
* Knot appears instantly on rope - easy   tr  se
* Make a crayon suddenly vanish - easy   tr  se
* Tell crayon colors apart without looking at them - easy   tr  se
* Make pen float in the sky - easy   tr  se
* Make cup float in the sky - easy   tr  se
* Bend paperclip with just your mind - easy   tr  se . . . . . . (847)624-6244