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         TRICK CARD DECKS        

CHEEK TO CHEEK DECK  Face-up and face-down cards are shown.  One face-up card is selected and turned face-down.  Magician waves his hands over the cards and they all flip over over and face down.  But wait, one card is now facing up.  It's the original card that was selected.  Watch video
of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $20.
TAPERED DECK  Instantly find a selected card with this special deck.  Or shuffle the deck and pull out the four aces instantly.  Numerous effects possible.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Cost is $15.

  A chosen card keeps coming to the top of the deck (no matter where you put it).  And then all of the cards in the deck magically turns into the chosen card. 
Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Cost is $15.
CARTOON DECK  - coming soon


          COIN TRICKS         

FLIPPER COIN:  Show two coins in your hand.  Close your hand and one of the coins instantly vanishes.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $25.
COPPER AND SILVER:  Place a copper coin in one hand and a silver coin in the other hand.  Magically one of the coins leaves the hand that it was in and appears in the other hand.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $20.
LETHAL TENDER:  Magician shows a coin and a card.  Then, in the blink of an eye, the magician turns the coin into a completely different coin.  Watch video
Difficulty Level: Easy.  Cost is $25.



BOTTLE AND CUP TRICK (or bottle and glass):  Magician shows a bottle and a cup.  He covers them up and when he removes the covers, they have switched places; the bottle is where the cup was and the cup is where the bottle was.  Magician then covers them up again, and the bottle and cup return to their original position.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Cost is $25. 


PRODUCTION PAN:  Magician shows an empty pan, He then covers the pan and when it is reopened a stuffed animal (or any other object) magically appears.  (Note: stuffed animal does not come with the pan.)  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $20.


CHINESE STICKS:  Magician holds two sticks in his hand and each stick has a tassel on it.  Magician then shows that there is absolutely nothing connecting the sticks.  But when he pulls down on one tassel, the other tassel moves.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Cost is $15.


VANISHING LIQUID (Milk Pitcher):  Magician shows a full pitcher of milk (or any liquid).  He then takes a newspaper, rolls it into a cone, and proceeds to pour more than half of the pitcher's liquid into the cone-shaped newspaper.  The audience can clearly see the liquid being poured into the newspaper and is sure that the liquid will soon start leaking out of the newspaper.  But the magician does the impossible; he takes the newspaper and crumples it up in his hands.  AND THERE'S NO LIQUID IN IT!  The newspaper is then completely opened up and given out to the audience with no trace of liquid in it.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Cost is $30.


BACK AND FORTH NECKLACE:  A necklace is shown on a stand.  Everyone watches as the magician removes the necklace and places it in a see-through bag.  Suddenly the necklace vanishes from inside the bag and reappears back on the stand.  This is a great trick for both boys and girls.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $25.


UPSIDE DOWN BOTTLES:  A tube is shown to be empty.  Magician takes a bottle and places it upside-down in the tube.  Immediately the tube is removed to reveal an incredible effect - the bottle has magically flipped itself over and is now facing right-side-up.  To make the trick even better, the tube is placed back on the bottle.  When it is removed the bottle is once again upside down.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Cost is $25.


COLLAPSING MAGIC HAT AND WAND (child size): This is a very special hat.  It folds flat.  But if the magician gives it a little tap, it instantly pops open.  This is very visual and will make your child look like a true magician when he/she performs.  The hat is not too big; rather it is designed to fit a child's head.  (Also comes with a magic wand.)  Wach video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $25.


CARD CHANGER SLEEVE:  Magician shows a card (for example, a 7 of diamonds).  He holds the card in his hand and slowly starts to shake it.  The audience will be amazed as the 7 of diamonds changes right in front of their eyes into a completely different card (such as a 2 of spaces).  The card can then be given out and examined by the audience.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $15.


VANISHING BOX (Rattle Box):  The audience watches as the magician places a bunch of coins inside a box.  The magician then removes a few coins and gives the box (with the remaining coins) to an audience member.  As he's doing this, the box is shaken and the coins are clearly heard to rattle around inside the box.  But when the audience member opens the box to retrieve the coins, they can't be found.  ALL of the coins have completely vanished!  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Cost is $20.