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MULTIPLYING WANDS:  A hilarious effect where wands keep appearing from out of thin air!  Magician shows one wand in his hand.  He gives this wand to a spectator and a second wand magically appears in the magician's hand.  So the magician gives this second wand to the spectator, but a third wand appears in the magician's hands.  The magician keeps showing only one wand in his hand, but every time he gives the wand to the spectator another wand appears in his hand.  This goes on until the spectator is left with a total of 5 wands,  (Comes in either clear or black wands.)  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Cost is $35.



SHRINKING GLASSES:  You show 4 different sized glasses; each one about 25% smaller than the one next to it.  The first (and largest) glass is completely filled  to the rim with milk (or any liquid).  You are then able to pour ALL of the liquid from this glass into the next-sized glass with absolutely no liquid spilling over.  The audience will be amazed that all of the liquid somehow fit into this smaller glass.  You can then repeat this two more times, each time pouring all of the liquid from one glass into a smaller glass.  And even though the glasses keep getting smaller and smaller, all of the liquid still fits in the smaller glasses without any spilling ever occurring.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $25.


VANISHING AND APPEARING GLASS:  Magician shows a fancy-looking glass.  He shows an empty paper bag and places the glass in the bag. The magician states that he will make the glass disappear, so he waves his hand over the bag and then completely crushes the bag in his hand.  He proceeds to crumple the bag up smaller and smaller, giving more proof that the glass has actually vanished.  (Please note that this is a very special glass and is not made of anything that can actually be broken.  So this trick is safe for allges.)  You can also make the glass reappear in the bag if desired.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $30.


SILK TRANSFORMER (Silk Cabby):  Magician shows an extremely fancy box.  He opens it so the audience sees completely through the box.  There is NOTHING to be seen.  The magician closes the box.  He then places a RED silk through a hole on one side of the box.  He pulls the silk out of the other side of the box and a miracle has happened;  the red silk has changed colors and is now BLUE!
With this box you can also create a number of other incredible effects.  For example, you can put 3 separate silks in the box.  When you pull them out they've magically tied themselves to one another.  This box can also make silks appear and disappear.  And the coolest thing is that the box is constantly being opened to show that there is nothing sneaky hiding inside.  (Silks are included.) 
Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Hard.  Cost is $30.


DRAWER BOX:  A large wooden box is shown.  The drawer of the box is pulled out to show that it is completely empty.  The drawer is then closed.  The magician says a few words and when the drawer is reopened it is completely filled with tons of things.  With this special box, any object that can fit in the box can be made to appear and disappear at the magician's command.  And the sides of the box have holes in them, thus reinforcing the illusion of an empty box.  (Box dimensions are 8"x5"x4")  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $30.


MAGIC SILKS:  These silks are not magic tricks; rather they are accessories that can be used with many of the magic tricks on my website.  You can use these silks with any tricks that require things to appear or disappear.  They're also great with tricks where you change one object into another object (such as changing a red silk into a blue silk).  Contact me for a list of available colors.  Level of Difficulty: Does not apply.  Cost is $2.50 each or 5 silks for $11.


PENETRATING DIE (Ghost die):  Magician shows a wooden box with holes all over it (so everything is completely visible to the audience).  Magician places a solid metal plate through slots in the middle of the block, thus dividing the block into two parts.  A large die is dropped into the box and is shown to rest on the metal plate on the top portion of the box.  The magician then waves his hands over the box and the audience sees the impossible happen.  The die starts to penetrate right through the metal plate.  Thanks to the holes in the box, the audience clearly sees the die go from the top portion of the box, through the metal plate, all the way down to the bottom portion of the box.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Hard.  Cost is $35.


SLIDING COIN BOX:  Magician shows a large gold coin along with a fancy box that has two open doors on it.  The magican puts the coin behind one door and then closes both doors.  He then asks a spectator to state which side of the box has the coin.  After being told the side, the magician tilts the box thus sliding the coin to the other side.  He then opens the side that they said and claims that the coin has vanished.  Obviously the audience knows that the coin has simply slid to the other side.  So the magician then shows that the coin is not on the other side (but not before he tilts the box, causing the coin to once again slide to a different side).  The audience will be cracking up as the magician keeps trying to pull a fast one on them.  But finally the magician proves how great he is.  He opens both doors and shows that the coin has COMPLETELY VANISHED.  The magician then goes one step further.  He makes the coin appear anywhere else he'd like (such as on the other side of the room).  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $35.



MIRACLE ROPE:  Place any object in a bag.  Drop one end of a rope into the bag and the rope instantly ties itself around the object.  The rope can also instantly form a knot around a hole in an object.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Cost is $15.

AMAZING PRODUCTION BOX:  Magician shows an empty box.  He then reaches in and pulls out some objects.  He then shows the box is empty again, only to reach in and pull out more objects.  This can go on and on.  Each time the magician shows that the box is empty, but he is then magically able to keep pulling more objects out of the box.  (Note: Stuffed animals are not included.)  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $30. 

MONEY SHREDDER (Counterfeit Detector):  An incredibly funny device for kids and adults.  Supposedley this box can determine if a bill is real or counterfeit.  So you drop a spectator's dollar into the top of this box.  Everyone watches through the box's window as the bill is visibly shred into many pieces.  Your spectator will be shocked as they watch their bill being ripped apart.  There are also sound effects coming from this device to add to the shredding effect.  But don't worry.  The bill was never really ripped up.  You complete this hilarious trick by opening up this device and pulling out their dollar.  And their dollar is back in one piece!  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $30.


This is a very special hat.  It folds flat.  But if the magician gives it a little tap, it instantly pops open.  This is very visual and will make your child look like a true magician when he/she performs.  The hat is not too big; rather it is designed to fit a child's head.  (Also comes with a magic wand.) 
Wach video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $25.

HOPPIN SPOTS:  The number of spots on this magical card keeps changing.  Magician shows a jumbo card that has 1 spot on its front side.  He turns the card to the back side and shows that there are 4 spots on the bac side.  Magician turns the card to the front again but things have changed; there are now 3 spots on the front.  So he turns the card to the back again and now there are 6 spots on the back.  He flips the card over again and the front now has 2 spots and the back has 5 spots.  And just when you think it can't get any better, the magician surprises everyone by showing that one side of the card now has EIGHT spots on it. 
Level of Difficulty: Hard.  Cost is $20.

 Possible tricks that may be coming soon:   ghost tube, production box, phantom tube, wizard deck, diminishing returns, die to ball tray, silk through mirror, money die box, abc blocks, surprise silks (instead of time flies), peanut butter and jelly trick, eggs-traordinary acrobatic blocks, card castle, square circle (smallfun), three-card monte, mini silk cabby and frame combo, die box, ellis rin, Scotch and soda, Copper-silver, Lethal Tender, maybe hopping half, sun, and moon, dime-out, passe-passe bottle,