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On this page are two things:
(1) towards the middle of this page are larger tricks that you can buy.
(2) here is a link to a program where kids can get a new magic set each month in the mail.
  It is called "Magic by Mail".  (I also have an online program for adults & teens who want to learn magic.)

Below are some of the larger tricks you can buy through the mail.
For details on ordering the tricks, please call or email me.
(Shipping charge of $6 plus 10% sales tax on all orders.)

And feel free to call me for advice on which tricks are good for your child's age and ability.  Plus after receiving the tricks, you can always call me for extra help.

"Difficulty Level" Code:  (Next to each trick I indicated its level of difficulty.)
Easy - These require no practice.  (Great for all ages.)
Medium - Not that hard to do.  These just need a few minutes of practice.  (Best for ages 7 and up.)

I can also get
many other tricks.

And I have videos of what these
other tricks look like in action.
Just give me a call to learn
ordering many
other great tricks.


FLOWER POT:  Magician shows an empty flower pot.  A wand is waved over it, and a large flower instantly appears.  My #1 choice of tricks for kids, and your child will be performing this over and over again.  Watch video   Video of child doing trick
Difficulty Level: Easy.  Cost is $15.


STIFF ROPE:  Magican show a rope and wraps it around his hand.  He then stretches the rope.  Suddenly, holding the rope with just one hand, the rope becomes rigid like a stick.  Magician then does some magic, and the rope becomes limp again.  Watch video
Difficulty Level: Medium.  Cost is $15.


COLORING BOOK:  A coloring book is shown with black and white pictures.  Magician closes and reopens the book.  Suddenly all of the pictures are completely colored in a variety of bright colors.  Magician repeats this process again.  But when the book is reopened, all of the pictures have vanished and each page in the book is blank.  Watch video
Difficulty Level: Easy.  Cost is $15.



CHANGE BAG:  Magician shows an empty bag, and even turns it inside-out to prove that it is empty.  He then puts any object in the bag.  Magically, when he reaches into the bag the item has changed into a completely different object.  You can also make items appear and disappear in this bag.  (Note: You can also purchase a variety of different colored silks from me to use with this trick.  Just ask me about the silks.)  Watch video
Difficulty Level: Easy.  Cost is $25.


MAGICAL CANDY BOX:  A box full of candy is shown.  When the box is closed and reopened, all of the candy is gone.  The box can then be closed and reopened again, and all of the candy returns.  This can be repeated over and over again. (Note:  candy does not come with this box.)  Watch video
Difficulty Level: Easy.  Cost is $30.


FLOWER BOX PRODUCTION:  You start by showing an empty bag.  You then reach in and pull out a fancy box of flowers.  The bag is shown empty again.  But you reach in and pull out a second box of flowers.  Once again the bag is shown empty, only to have you reach in and pull out a THIRD box of flowers,  Watch video
Difficulty Level: Medium.  Cost is $30.


DICE CHANGING BOX:  Magician shows 6 dice in a box.  Each die has a different number on top, ranging from 1 to 6.  The box is closed and a spectator rolls another die.  Let's pretend the spectator rolls a 4.  The box is opened and each of the six die inside have magically repositioned themselves so that a 4 is showing on top.  The box and each die can then be completely examined.  (This can be repeated with a different number being rolled.)  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $30.


SLATE OF MIND:  Six different cards are shown on one side of a board.  A spectator chooses any card.  When the board is turned around the magician shows that the selected card was predicted ahead of time, and was already written in large letters on the other side of the board.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $35.


CHEEK TO CHEEK DECK  Face-up and face-down cards are shown.  One face-up card is selected and turned face-down.  Magician waves his hands over the cards and they all flip over and face down.  But wait, one card is now facing up.  It's the original card that was selected.  (This is also a great trick for adults to get.)  Watch video
Difficulty Level: Easy.  Cost is $20.


MAGIC TEMPLE:  Show a sponge ball in this magic temple.  Magician takes out the sponge ball and places it in his pocket.  Magician never goes back near his pocket.  But in the blink of an eye the sponge ball instantly pops back into the temple.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $30 for small, and $45 for large.


3D HOLOGRAM BOX:  Place an object in this container and it will create an incredibly realistic three dimensional holographic image of the object.  When someone tries to touch the object, their hand will pass right through the image.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $20.


         COIN TRICK
LETHAL TENDER:  Magician shows a coin and a card.
Then, in the blink of an eye, the magician turns the coin into a completely different coin.  Watch video
Difficulty Level: Easy.  Cost is $25.


SALT SHAKER:  Magician shows a salt shaker filled with salt.  The magician then makes a fist and pours all of the salt into his fist.  The audience clearly sees that the salt shaker is now empty.  But when the magician opens his fist, there is no salt to be found; his hands are completely empty.  And then, to make things more incredible, the magician does the impossible.  He takes his empty hand and starts to pour salt out of it - once again filling the salt shaker.  Video coming soon.
Level of Difficulty: Easy.  Cost is $30.


BREAKING WAND:  A hilarious effect!  Magician holds a normal looking wand.  He then gives it to a spectator.  Once the spectator has the wand, it falls completely apart.  So the magician takes the wand back and instantly makes the wand solid again.  Watch video
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Cost is $15.


VANISHING DECK:  Show a deck of cards.  You then place the deck of cards into its case, and it instantly disappears.  You can show all sides of the case ... the deck is nowhere to be found.  Watch video
Difficulty Level: Medium.  Cost is $20.


PEN THROUGH DOLLAR:  Borrow a dollar bill from anyone.  You then take a pen and poke a hole through the dollar.  Everyone can clearly see that the pen has made a hole in the dollar.  But magically, when you take the pen out there is NO hole in the dollar.  (Following this trick both the dollar bill and the pen can be given out for complete examination.)  Watch video
Difficulty Level: Medium.  Cost is $20. . . . . . . (847)624-6244